Allocate for all!

As you know, Allocate was built to simplify scheduling as it applies to our own business--software development. That personal, agency-focused perspective shaped Allocate’s early feature set and messaging, but since our release, we’ve heard from users across many industries: pharmaceuticals, law, architecture and even a printer. Getting to know our user base helped us realize that Allocate could be really useful to anyone who has resources they need to book.

We’ve now seen Allocate used for tracking year-long pharmaceutical launches, assigning legal associates to cases, allocating architects to projects, and physical equipment to booked orders. We realized our marketing message, focused on agencies, was excluding a variety of other applications.

So while our marketing page was due for a design upgrade, we decided to open up the messaging a bit to include some other industries. The broader approach has certainly been successful before. Trello does an excellent job of marketing their organizational tool across use cases. So do Wunderlist and Evernote.

Check out our update here. We were even able to collect some nice testimonials from our favorite managers in a couple different industries.

Why now? Allocate’s a young concept that we’re still working to validate. While we’re sifting out our best target audiences, it makes sense take a more broad approach and narrow from there, rather than refine the narrow, agency-focused scope that we launched with.

Does this affect current users? Nope--that’s how flexible Allocate is. Except for an adjustment to what we call your resources (they’re not always people!), you won’t notice any changes to the app.

Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome!

- Erin

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