Allocate for equipment

Since Allocate has such a simple, straight forward scheduling interface, I wanted to share a bit about how it can be used for scheduling equipment. 

If your job is to manage scheduling of any sort of equipment, workspace or locations that are booked in daily, weekly, or monthly chunks, Allocate is going to help simplify not only the tracking, but also the sharing of that information across your team.

It’s fast to set up--just type your resources in the first column, and click in the calendar to add allocations for the days it’s already booked. Allocate comes ready to go with a monthly and weekly calendar grid aligned next to your list of resources.

Track availability of any type of resource, and share that information seamlessly with your other managers. Allocate updates in real time, so if they have the app open in their browser, they’ll see your change immediately.

Are you using Allocate to schedule equipment, workspace or another non-human resource? Let me know how it’s working out for you!

- Erin

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