Editing your Allocations just got prettier.

Today we released a prettier allocation editing pop-up tool! 

You can still quickly split, edit and delete your allocations just by clicking on the bubble. In this iteration, we’ve added notes to that same tool, as well as a shortcut to your project settings--that’s where you can change the color and project-wide attributes and notes.

Check it out:

  • Click on the allocation bubble you’d like to change.
  • Type in a different project name to change this person’s project.
  • “Split” will split this bubble in two--great for inserting a vacation or holiday.
  • “Delete” will make this bubble go away (without affecting any others).
  • “Settings” opens the project-wide settings and sorts to just this project (Click the X on the dropdown or press ESC close it).
  • And, type in the “Notes” area to add any comments about this particular allocation.
As always, let us know what you think!


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